About the Author

In these pages, you will find ideas to provide a theoretical underpinning for the decisions that face citizens of the United States, as well as people throughout the world. All decisions–political, social, and economic–are, in the end, value-based decisions. Where those values come from and what they mean for our decision-making is a topic that will be recurrent throughout these pages.

Even when the ideas presented here are familiar or other sources are cited, these represent my thoughts and beliefs about the principles that guide human interactions. Some of my core beliefs that guide my posts are these:

  • God lives and He is omnipotent and omniscient. He is the source of all truth.
  • Holy Scripture was given by God through His prophets. These prophets were just and holy men, called by God, and were not simply scribes who inserted their own uninspired dogma.
  • The founding documents of the United States of America were inspired by God.
  • Each individual has a right to life, liberty, and property.
  • Those who provided life (parents) have the right and responsibility for the preservation of the rights of their children until their children are able to provide this for themselves.

I have attempted to describe the reasoning behind these principles in my posts, but these also form the foundation from which the rest of my political beliefs are built.

This blog was not created to debate the ideas presented, but to communicate them. If you have something to add, or believe you have found an error, please notify the author through comments. If you disagree on principle, please feel free to describe your opinion on your own blog.

My name is Sam Babcock. I have a master’s in mental health counseling and practice in that profession. Privately, my interests include political, social, and religious thought. Professionally, I look at patterns–the processes and systems that reinforce the problems people face in their interactions. The way we view the world and life is of vital importance. However, I think most people do not take the time to identify and to be deliberate about the things they assume are true in life.