Liberty Requires God As Ultimate Judge

Natural law is the law by which we are bound in the state of nature. The state of nature is defined as having no judge between one person and another, except for God. If someone violates our rights under natural law, they will be accountable to God and we are accountable to God for our response–whether it is just or not.

To protect our rights and to have an impartial judge, we create governments with common, known laws. This provides more consistency and moderates the tendency towards excessive punishments. It creates a more immediate source that we can look to for appeal against those that violated our rights.

Unfortunately, because we are fallible, injustice will still occur. When it does, we have given up our authority to take matters into our own hands and, when all appeals under the law have failed to provide justice, we are again left to appeal to God for justice. When under the laws of a government, we no longer have the authority to place the life, liberty, or property of others in jeopardy when they violate our rights–we give that authority to the government. Without God as the Ultimate Judge, the government would be our final appeal.

There are two basic beliefs that deny this appeal to God for justice:

1) Denying the existence of God.

2) Believing that God exists, but has given the authority to judge (placing the rights of life, liberty, and property in jeopardy) to people.

Without an appeal to God, our hopes for peace and justice are dependent on governments. This requires world government, in order to create an appeal at the highest level of our ability–laws that govern everyone on earth to ensure justice between nations and between people of various nations. The end results of this will still include injustice, because we will never be infallible–but that does not prevent various religions and ideologies from trying to create a perfect system, where perfect justice would exist.

Liberty cannot exist in a world government, because there is no place left to go–there cannot be choice in belonging to a government when the government encompasses everything, leaving no ability to leave the bounds of its authority. The result is that world government would violate our rights by its very existence.

The only belief that is consistent with liberty is the belief in God as the Ultimate Judge, who maintains the authority to judge our actions after this life, whether they are just or not.

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