Property Tax: The Infinite Mortgage

Let me ask you a question…How many payments do you have left on your mortgage until you own your own home/land? If you live in the United States (and likely most other parts of the “civilized” world), the answer is: Infinite. You will pay rent, a lease, whatever you choose to call it, in the form of property taxes indefinitely. Some may receive exemptions, but this is something like a reverse-mortgage, once you pass on, your descendents will be paying the rent, or whoever gains the property after you’re dead and gone.

You may not have thought about property tax in terms of a mortgage payment, but if you stop paying this mortgage, who do you think will own your home? The freedoms you had supposed you would secure for yourselves and your children have disappeared with the implementation of property taxes. The bottom line: You cannot own land. How can you claim ownership of something for which you have to make payments?

The fact is that we will always be enslaved to the government until we repeal and prohibit property taxes permanently.

Many may be in favor of this action on a philosophical level. However, many of the government-based services that people favor most have been intentionally tied to property taxes in many areas. When people consider the sheer amount of revenue the government is collecting from property taxes, how willing will those people be to transfer the revenue received from property taxes to another form of taxation? How willing will you be? We must be willing to address the costs and waste in government. We must be willing to look at services and ask ourselves: 1) Is this a service the government should be providing; and 2) Is the revenue being used effectively in funding services that are appropriate and necessary?

Prohibition of property taxes is a first step towards restoring our rights of life, liberty, and PROPERTY. Property provides the ability to sustain LIFE self-sufficiently, which provides us LIBERTY to live according to our own conscience.

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